Steele Creek Outdoor Survival

One Person = $80.00


Total cost = $60.00


Outdoor Survival Skills

Total cost = $65.00

Basic Gun Safety Course

Total cost = $40.00

Course + range time

Total cost = $65.00

Youth Rifle Training

Total cost = $65.00

Also note that if you cannot handle your gun nor pass the range section of this course, you will not be awarded a certificate.

Please Note:

  • VERY IMPORTANT- Payments WILL NOT be refunded.
  • If you cancel after registering and you want to attend the class at a later date, there will be a $25.00 additional fee added to class cost.
  • When paying (or via email), please indicate the class and date you are registering for.
  • If you are renting a gun, the $30 fee will be due in cash the day of class.

NRA First Steps - SHOTGUN

Deposit = $40.00

Total cost = $65.00

NRA First Steps - PISTOL

Deposit = $40.00

Total cost  = $65.00

NRA First Steps - RIFLE

Deposit = $40.00

Total cost = $65.00

NC Concealed Carry

One Person = $80.00

​Two People = $150.00

NC Concealed Carry Package Deal

Package Includes:

(1) NC Concealed Carry (for 1)

(1) Gun Rental & Ammo

(1) Hearing Protection

(1) Eye Protection

​Total cost = $120.00

NC Concealed Carry

Total cost = $200.00

Gun Safety Course plus Range Time

Gun Safety Course ONLY

These classes are listed in no particular order.  There are no prerequisite classes to the classes listed below.  

It is possible that a class may be cancelled, postponed, or rescheduled.  If you have registered, you will be notified.

Two People = $150.00

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