"One of the best class taken...Steves information was very clear and understanding on how to approach situations in today's society while carrying concealed. Class was fun and entertaining...this class taught me how to stay calm in situations and avoid all that I can. Even though there's lots of information to absorb, Steve Earley finds the best way to teach and give all information he can to you without making the classroom boring...I would recommend Steve to anyone who wants to take the class...awesome instructor...." -  Johnny Vong

"Steve is a very energetic and knowledgeable instructor, he even breaks it down into barney style. He definitely made the 8 hour class very memorable. Plus who doesn't wanna pump a bunch of .45 into a zombie." - Ricardo Mathias

"Steve did a great job and is wealth of knowledge in the Concealed field. The price of the class and convenience is unmatched in the area. I had a great time, and everyone I spoke to shared the same sentiments. I would definitely recommend this class." - Michael Crupi

"Loved the class. Very informative providing required and practical knowledge regarding safe ownership, maintenance, and having a weapon on your person." - Payne Fewell

"I took this class because things are getting crazy in the United States and I wanted to feel comfortable and knowledgeable with the guns I have. Steve made everyone feel at ease and was very professional in his teaching. The class was fun but at the same time, we learned what we needed to. I recommend this class and the instructor to anyone on the fence about carrying a concealed gun. It's a right and in my opinion, a responsibility, for each citizen to be able to protect yourself and your family." - Tim Kinney 

"Scarlett Real Estate took the Steve's course as a group on 7/17/2016 & we have nothing but great things to say about Steve's knowledge and the course itself! We highly recommend Steve if you are looking to get your Conceal to carry with a truly passionate instructor! Thank you, SRE" - Casey Thorp

"I took the course with my 24 year old daughter. We could not have been more satisfied with the course, explanation of laws governing gun carry, range instruction and the instructor Steve Earley. While I have been around guns my entire life and my daughter just beginning her journey, we both had a wonderful experience." - Charles Reid

"Great class! Steve was very knowledgeable and made the class interesting by giving a lot of real life scenarios to help understand the material, would definitely recommend this particular class to anyone looking!" - Aarian Patterson 

"Steve was a great instructor, very informative and knowledgeable about the safety and laws of firearms. Might I add also has great energy that'll keep your attention focused on him. Overall I enjoyed learning today and would recommend anyone to take the course!!! Thanks again Steve!"Sirquentin Adams

"Took a concealed carry class and it was great. Steve made the class a breeze. He talked about a lot of things that were important and of interest to me. I would recommend his class to anyone. The range was great too." - Shakira Drayton

"The class was amazing. Steve is an awesome instructor. He kept the class live and fun as we all know how boring most classes can be. Especially sitting for 8 hours. I learned so much! Rules and laws to carrying that you would think would be common sense stuff but there is so much more than that. He taught us absolutely everything possible there is need to know plus much more! I definitely taking Steves class for concealed carry! He went over everything in detail from laws to breaking down and cleaning your gun. He answered everyone's questions quickly and in depth. Also he has an awesome sense of humor." - Lindsay Rodesiler

"Really enjoyed the training received. The training was a lot of 'hands-on' since you had multiple weapons we and you used during your explanations/demonstrations. I really thought being in the classroom for eight hours would be somewhat repetitive and boring, however you kept things moving and interesting. Your vast experience and explanations on the concealed handgun laws was very informative and interesting. The location for the training was also ideal since it was right off 485. Would highly recommend this training!!" - Gary Vellers


"A friend told me about this class.  I had expressed prior interest in getting a gun permit as well as gaining the proper knowledge on gun safety and handling as well as North Carolina laws.  Steele Creek Outdoor Survival class was very informative.  Strong work Steve." -  Brice Person

"Great job on gun safety issues.  I haven't had a pistol in my hands in over 30 years.  Your class was very beneficial to me." - Mike Patterson

"Enjoyed taking the class and learning all the laws, regulations, and social responsibilities around Concealed Carry Handgun.  It is a decision that shouldn't be taken lightly, and I appreciated the instruction and guidance provided by Steve." -  Frank Nelson

"This was a great class I would recommend it to anyone that is interested in taking a concealment gun license the best price around." - Bert Boccone

"Took Steve's concealed carry class and it was very informative. Steve was very knowledgeable on the laws and gave great instruction on what you can and can't do with regards to defending yourself. The class was great, Steve made the class both educational and fun! Would recommend taking Steve's concealed carry class." - Billy Beaty

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you Steve for instructing our NC Concealed Carry Class, my neighbor and I had run out of excuses for not taking the course sooner and we're really glad we signed up for yours.  Being ex-military I'm used to firearms instruction but you kept the class interesting, informative & professional, and we appreciated your personal insite and tips.  For anyone else still sitting on the fence, please don't hesitate especially in these times to sign up and attend Steve's class, like us you'll wish you had sooner." - Craig Burtis

"Great instructor! Kept the class engaged in discussion, presented information in a manner that won't put you to sleep since some of it is repetitive." - Kyle Savel

"This class was not only informational, but Steve kept it very very interesting. He adds humor to the curriculum and makes it enjoyable. I learned many many things in this class. I highly recommend it to anyone!" - Cameron Cozart 

"Although the class is long, long day and has great potential to be mind numbing Steve does a great job to be engaging, entertaining and stress the more important points of the training. I greatly appreciate people like Steve that take the time to become accredited to teach such a training. He strives to better himself as well as the community. I highly recommend taking the class with Steve if you are thinking to apply for your concealed carry permit. Thanks Steve" -  Greg Fogle

"If you are thinking of doing this, do not hesitate.  Mr. Earley is enlightening and entertaining.  His knowledge on the subject is vast.  Although a lot of material is covered, time moves quickly.  North Carolina requirements are discussed in great detail.  Various carry techniques, holsters and styles are demonstrated.  Nomenclature, breakdown, cleaning, and assembly of firearms are hands on.  There is a short common knowledge test that is straight forward.  Finally range time which includes pistol handling, safety and qualification using .22 rimfire at short range targets.  Overall interesting and fun day." - Perry Morris

"I really enjoyed this class Steve is a Wonderful instructor with a awesome sense of humor, he did a spectacular job relaying the information there is no way you can forget it. There was never a dull moment. This is definitely the go to place for your concealed weapons class. I will recommend him for everyone! 👍👍👍👍👍" - Tapshira Baldwin

"My son and I took the concealed carry class and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Steve's passion for guns is very apparent. He thoroughly enjoys teaching about gun safety and the laws connected to concealed carry. He gave a detailed demonstration of gun care, handling, and maintenance. If you are considering taking the concealed carry class, I highly recommend taking it with Steele Creek Outdoor Survival." -  Dale Brown

"Steve, a native Charlottean, has so many stories about this city and his experiences that he is able to provide valuable insight about what it means to carry and have a little fun while at it." - James Ziel 

"I had been meaning to take a conceal carry course for quite some time now, and I'm very glad that I decided to take this class with Steve. The class was very engaging and informative. Material was thoroughly covered and very well explained. The class was very affordable, and I learned a lot. I really enjoyed this course, and I'd highly recommend this class to anyone. Thank you Steve!" - Kristin Carr 

"I really thought it was going to boring but it was not.  You made it interesting.  I learned a lot.  I get nervous around a big group of people.  You took the edge off with your sense of humor.  I would recommend if anyone wanted their concealed permit to come take your class.  Thank you again." - Robert Rhyne Jr.

"Your Concealed Carry Handgun class was educational, interactive, entertaining and eye-opening. Although I was having fun listening to your lessons and instruction, I know that the topic is extremely serious and that is how I absorbed it.  I would thoroughly suggest that anyone who is carrying or wants to carry a handgun take your class. I believe that you will be a wonderful resource of knowledge and continuing education even after the class concluded!" -  Jay Joyce

"This class had many political discussions that often arose and involved parties with many different viewpoints. Steve managed to keep the class professional and on track with the material. All of the students, despite having different views were able to come together and learn NC gun stafety laws and regulations. Everyone managed to encourage each other while preparing for the test and while on the range. I feel more confident and ready to defend myself if a situation every occurred." -  Brooke Poelstra

"Steve's class was great.  Entertaining and very informative.  Class participation was encouraged and friendships were established as well.  I will be sure to recommend Steve's class to all who are interested in obtaining their concealed carry license." - Melvin J. Taylor II

"Thanks for making the class both meaningful and enjoyable at the same time! I constantly relate back to what I learned in your class. I cannot wait to get back on the range soon. Thanks!!" -  Holly Brown

"I really enjoyed the class. Steve was great and engaging. Prior to registration he was very responsive to questions and his pricing is really affordable. Definitely recommend!" - Jessie Scott

"Steve is a great instructor, dreaded spending 8hrs sitting in a gun class when I thought I knew enough about guns. Well I was wrong, class was very informative and interactive. Definitely needed before you start carrying a concealed weapon. Would recommend to anyone." -  Persaler Worth

"I was very happy with this class. At first I was worried that 8 hours would he boring but he truly made it interesting and hands on. I am a 22 year old female living alone in a bad neighborhood, I had my car, my house, and my shed broken into. Even if you don't get a permit, learning what it means to have your 2nd amendment and learning how to handle a gun are life skills I personally think everyone should know. I would and already have recommended this class. He doesn't just teach you something and move on, he makes sure you understand what it was that was taught and how to use it properly in life. A+ Steve!" - Alexandra Evans

"The course was a great experience. The instructor gets across how important it is to carry a handgun safely, while keeping the material interesting." - Corey Ellis II 

"I was afraid that an 8 hour class would be boring, but Steve made it so interesting that it just flew by. I learned a lot that I didn't already know which made it a breeze to pass the test. I highly recommend taking Steve's class." -  Chelsey Koenigsaecker-Hoyle

​"After taking Steve's NC Concealed Carry class, I would highly recommend it. Having recently relocated to NC, I knew I had a lot to learn regarding the laws in NC (which vary quite a bit from my home state where I was previously licensed)- but thanks to Steve, I now feel prepared to apply for and obtain my NC Concealed Carry permit. Covering everything from NC common laws to the use of deadly force and basic handgun handling and safety, this course was very comprehensive. Steve also shared many unique personal and historical experiences highlighting important ethical and legal considerations that I won't soon forget, nor will you. He was highly engaging in his teaching style, and offered a variety of hands-on opportunities for practical application of information presented. The 8 hours of classroom instruction is mandatory in NC, but I assure you they will fly by if you take this class! paragraph here." - Nicole Wrobleski

"I would recommend this class to anyone wanting to obtain their license to carry a concealed weapon.  I have taken the class previously while living in another state, and Steve's class was much more informative with real life stories and tips on better shooting.  He also included a portion on weapons maintenance which was very helpful.  He is a funny guy, and the 8 hours passed quickly.  I feel much more confident with my weapon after his class." -  Martin Donahue

"It is a great 8 hour class. Learning about the laws and gun safety really opened my eyes towards getting my conceal and carry license. Steve really takes the time to make sure you understand things.. Great class i will recommend it to anyone." - Bruce Polk

"I learned a lot in this class.  Not only did I learn more about guns but the instructor also taught us how to handle certain situations.  He was great about putting things in perspective.  You can get something explained to you multiple times, but I think it always help to be given a scenario to paint the picture.  I would recommend this class to anyone who is looking to get a concealed weapon permit.  He makes it fun and makes you want to pay attention. I look forward to future classes with him." - Jessica Bumpus  

"I had a lot of questions going into my Conceal/Carry Class.  Steve was a great instructor and by the end all my questions were answered.  Every piece of information you need to succeed was presented in the class.  By the end, the written test was fairly straightforward.  Both the informational and experiencial value was high.  Steve was extremely helpful during the shooting qualification although I was fairly brand new to shooting.  I highly recommend the class.  I had a great time and as a result I have a newfound respect for the issues facing us today as a nation." - Jeff Lutz  

"Just wanting to say, I took the CC course that Steve Early does at the Legion post in Steele Creek area, and it was a great class. Steve was able to explain laws and situations about the course and made it easy to understand..The only pressure I felt that day was taking the test..But if you pay attention in class you can pass like I did . Yeah. The firing range was will supervised.and the class was a big success. Thanks again to Steve and his wife for making us feel safe in what we were learning and doing.. Thanks again." - Les Flanagan 

"I would recommend this class to anyone wanting to obtain their license to carry a concealed weapon.  I have taken the class previously while living in another state, and Steve's class was much more informative with real life stories and tips on better shooting.  He also included a portion on weapons maintenance which was very helpful.  He is a funny guy, and the 8 hours passed quickly.  I feel much more confident with my weapon after his class." -  Shelby Hovis

"I enjoyed the class.  I learned a lot of things about the law that I didn't know.  You made my learning experience fun thanks a lot." - Daphne B. Floyd  

"Steve was an AWESOME instructor, he made things easy to understand and more importantly helped me feel comfortable and taught me a lot about how to handle a gun properly. I have already told several people about his class. I plan to take a few of the other classes he offers in the future!" -  Stephanie Mummert

"8 hours can be brutally long but, not here. Steve makes it interesting, relevant and even fun. He's a great communicator and educator in his field. He's also an avid enthusiast." - Nick Mangus

"Excellent class with dynamic instruction. The day went by very fast with some very dry material. When is comes to learning legal statutes and details surrounding the use of firearms, this class is for you. The instructor Steve kept the class focused and motivated with a good sense of humor, anecdotal stories and then followed up with a hands on approach. Thank you for making the material fun to learn and the class enjoyable...We walked away with a better respect for the firearms we are to use and a full understanding of the law... Well done Steve." - James Pinto/Lori Elway 

"Steve made the class very interesting by getting the attendees involved in his discussion and presentations. This made the class very interesting, more engaging and helped us get to know others in the classroom. I didn't feel like I was sitting in a classroom full of strangers. The day went by faster than I expected it too. Thank you." - Linda Crowe

"Hi my name is Terrance and I took Steve's class about a month or so ago but just got around to writing a review. The class was eight hours of knowledge and history. We were not just made aware of proper gun use, self protection, protection of others and laws. We were also given history lessons. After leaving the class I went home and did some research of my own and found that he was very educated and just the right fit to be an instructor. If you are thinking of taking his class, do not think twice. It's a no brainier." - Terrance McLean

"I took the NC concealed carry class on 3/26. The class was very informative, and also was entertaining and went by very quickly. This class was good for beginners all the way up to experienced shooters. I have had my concealed license in many other states, however it was very helpful to learn the NC laws as they vary quite a bit from state to state. I would recommend anyone who is interested to take this class as you will surely get something out of it, no matter how experienced you are. Thank you to Steve for providing great information in a fun way, we enjoyed the day!" - Marc Wrobleski

"This class has me more informed about which actions are lawful and unlawful when faced with particular or life threatening situations. Steve is a skillful, patient and personable instructor! I look foward to dong more business with Steele Creek Outdoor Survival. Robin you rock as well!!" - Tasha Smith

"Very informative class regarding the laws to carry a concealed handgun in NC and other states. Highly recommend to others who own or considering purchasing a handgun." -  Sylvester Townsend

"If you have taken as many state classes as I have it is refreshing to find an instructor who can make 8 hours of legalities entertaining with relevant stories, experience and humor. Steve did nothing less than a phenomenal job teaching a class to keep us and our families safe. I highly recommend Steve and Steele Creeke Outdoor Survival and will certainly be returning for future classes." -  Jeremy Shimberg

"I had  a great time at Steve 's NC Concealed Carry course. Steve kept me engaged and his class was very informative. Steve took the time to answer all questions and provided solid responses to ensure we all had a good understanding.  I would certainly recommend Steve's course to anyone." - Erica Hill

Steele Creek Outdoor Survival

"This class was amazing.  Initially when you sign up and think OMG 8 hours of laws and lecture??  This is going to seem like an eternity!!  But immediately when class started it was evident it was going to be anything but.  Steve presented everything in a very informative and engaging manner.  The time literally FLEW!!  You never really know how much you don't know until you sit for this class.  The cost was extremely affordable and the information learned invaluable!!  I would highly recommend this class for anyone, regardless of your skill level.  If you haven't taken this course TAKE IT!!!"Meiewyn Avent

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